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If you’ve found your way to this page, it’s likely that you’re looking for information about alternative feminine care.  FEMITOLOGY is here for you.  In this document, we address some of the core questions about our all-natural, organic and specially-curated American-madeproducts, and the methods we use to help you address your feminine care personal issues and achieve the perfect balance you desire.

WHAT IS FEMITOLOGY and what can it do for me? 

That’s a great question to start!  Why are you here?  If you’ve somehow arrived at this page, chances are good that you’re having some issues regarding your female parts and personal care, and we at Femitology are here to assist you with exactly that.

Whether you’re having problems with sex, trying to get pregnant, experiencing itching, odors, infections or other issues, OR you just want to be sure that you’re taking the best care of your lady partsi -- and therefore of your whole self --Femitology’s range of100% natural, organic, herbal products, and our health-driven alternative approach to feminine body care, can help you pamper and love your body the best way:  from the inside out!

What does your program consist of? 

The Femitology collection includes a variety of organic, plant-based products for internal and external use, designed to cleanse and balance your body for optimal feminine health.  The initial product offerings are centered around the benefits of herbal vaginal steaming in the form of a sitz-bath. 

Vaginal Steaming?  What’s that? 

Vaginal steaming is a self-care practice that increases circulation to the uterus and entire pelvic floor, using aromatic herbs that detoxify and ultimately create homeostasis, or balance, in your body. Basically, you sit or squat above a bowl of steaming water infused with a variety of herbs, carefully selected to address your specific needs or issues.  

You can read more about the specifics of each blend as you work your way through this website. 

What are the benefits of steaming? 

Well, that’s a big question with a ton of answers!  The benefits are both physical and emotional: steaming restores pH balance, which can help prevent and even cure infections and get rid of bad odors; it helps reduce period pain and bloating, can help the healing of your reproductive sexual organs after giving birth, can help regulate your cycle, maybe even help you become pregnant.  It can help you release stored emotions and anxiety, reduce insomnia, and create a state of bliss.  And that’s just a few of the many ways that Vaginal Steaming can help support your total feminine health!

How often should I steam?

When you start, we recommend steaming up to three times a month.  A great time to start is right after your period, to clean out any remaining blood or tissue and give you a fresh start to the month.  It’s also great after intercourse…but it’s NOT a birth control device!


Can I steam during my period?

You should NOT steam while you are menstruating.  The heat and steam can speed up and/or increase your bleeding, and in rare cases, cause possible hemorrhaging.  PLEASE WAIT until you have completely stopped bleeding.

But don’t despair -- our fabulous Loving My Womb Detox Tea can work miracles at that time of the month; read on for more info on that. 

Can I steam while pregnant?

Definitely not!  Steaming while pregnant is unsafe; the process of receiving the steam and the herbs relaxes and opens up the cervix,  which could result in miscarriage or premature labor. WAIT until at least two or three days after giving birth, and definitely until all red blood is gone.  Under no circumstances should you steam if ANY red blood is present. 

Can I steam with a current vaginal infection or open sores?

No, steaming with vaginal infection or open sores will irritate sores and cause infection to worsen. Please seek professional health care.

How long should each steaming session be?

It is recommended to steam for 10 minutes if it’s your FIRST time and up to 20 to 30 minutes for regular steamers

Who should NOT Steam?

You should NOT vaginal steam if:

  • You are pregnant or think you are pregnant
  • You are having your period (i.e. menstruating/bleeding)
  • You are trying to get pregnant and have already ovulated but not yet had your period this month
  • You have an open wound in your pelvic area
  • You have genital piercings in (always remove any genital accoutrements before steaming)

Can I burn myself?

YES! Burning is a concern in any operation that includes boiling water and hot steam. So take care! If you're making your own steam at home, be mindful not to touch the boiling water, but we also recommend waving your hand over the steaming pot to judge heat and squatting distance.

The Good Stuff!

Can Vaginal Steaming lead to better sex?

Many ladies have said YES! Even the sensation of vaginal steaming might turn on your sex drive. As a direct effect of vaginal steaming, many women have experienced better sex, less painful intercourse, and improved libido. Any practice that brings you more in touch with your female parts sexual area yoni will raise your awareness and sensitivity with your sexual and sensual self!

Happy Steaming!